Chris Nawojczyk performing yoga cobra pose

Christopher Nawojczyk

Yogi, Athlete, Plant-Based Pioneer

Flexible Venus is the brand of my dedicated fitness and yoga journey. I approach health and wellness from a holistic, authentic perspective based on both intuitive knowledge and ancient wisdom as well as the latest scientific research in exercise biochemistry and nutrition. I eat a plant-based diet, do yoga and meditation daily, and perform other workouts to include weight lifting and pole fitness.

Behind the Name

I chose to call my brand Flexible Venus for a myriad of reasons. Flexible implies vigor, agility and health; Venus signifies beauty, sensuality, victory, strength, and love—all aspects of the Roman Goddess Venus.

My Enthusiasm

I enjoy blogging about my journey as well as my research findings in the realms of plant-based nutrition, exercise, and biology. I am an entrepreneur at heart, and a web developer. Creating a virtual online site to share my thoughts, photos, videos, etc. enables me to express myself to the world more fully.

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